smooth and soft = smoft

–verb (used with object)
1. to put your mouth on a smooth and soft surface of the body such as stomach or butt with no hair, create an airtight seal with the mouth, then blow to emit a juicy fart sound

2. to punish by putting your mouth on someone's smooth and soft stomach and blowing to make him uncomfortable and laugh

3. an act or instance of smofting

-noun phrase
4. butt smoft, an act of smofting on someone's bare ass
Guy 1: It's time for your smoft. lift up your shirt

Person A: i'm going to smoft you 8 times
Person B: you are so gay

*guy is lying on the bed with his shorts pulled down to just below his waist, showing his bare ass*

Guy 2: Wow, it's a full moon tonight, time to butt smoft you
by batrider March 15, 2011
smooth and soft. can mean cool. or getting high
dam this is really smoft,
im smoft off my head
by phicas January 18, 2005
Adjective describing something which has the qualities of being both smooth and soft.
"Wow - your legs are really smoft"
by Geoff Payne October 19, 2005
When your hair is soft, usually after washing it.
Also, it usually smells like the shampoo/conditioner you used.
Taylor: My hair is smoft today!!
Me: omg no way!
by Ilovestalkee!! February 13, 2009
Adj. A conjunction of the words soft and smell. Used to describe the majority of attractive women, reflecting the general comfort one feels when holding her in your arms.
Jimi: All I know about women is two things: they're soft and they smell nice.
Jason: So they're sort of... smoft?
Jimi: Yeah, smoft.
by skyywise May 26, 2004
Smoft; adjective, smooth and soft.
Her legs were so smoft my pants virtually exploded!
by Kowulz June 11, 2009