Chloe: i just realised your born on your birthday.
Samantha: smh... chloe you dumb bitch
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by U what hoe February 26, 2018
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An Abbreviation for shake my head usually used in text form
Her: I think it is ridiculous

Him: u don’t understand smh
Her:no I’m right
by BBxoxo May 22, 2018
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An abbreviated version of the phase/action "shake my head."
Usually used in texts to convey annoyance or frustration and give the receiver a mental image of the senders emotions.
although a similar conveyance can be illustrated via the use of emoticons.
I cant believe our Professor wont extend the deadline for this assignment smh
It's unbelievable how high you have to score to get into medicine at university smh.
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by Schwifty bits April 01, 2020
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Alright you guys think "smh" means "shaking my head" or "so much hate." But it actually can mean something different. "Smh" can be used in a sentence like a sound. (Online)
Jack: No it can't be that, that's wrong
Katy: Smh sureeee.
by ItIsaweirdo April 29, 2018
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Where the fuck boys run wild and the thick thoughts roam.
Smhs has some nice hoes.
by skippyes December 04, 2019
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