Tiffany took a picture of me and posted it so I commented smh
by Esophaguses December 21, 2019
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SMH, commonly misunderstood as "Shake My Head," actually means "So Much Hunkiness." SMH is used when a man, or group of men do something so outstanding that the women around them are in awe, and can't help but to exclaim "SMH."
Look at those dudes, they dressed up like a zebra, and were attacked by lions. That is awesome - SMH. So Much Hunkiness.
by kinkybabysteps August 27, 2019
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a slag phrase meaning β€˜so much hate’
sally: caroline copied my insta caption
megan: smh
via giphy
by katelyn773chloe March 22, 2020
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The smh is a deadly weapon against demons with an allergy. The demons will turn to dust if you smh at them and let free the ghosts in the house
Eclipse smh's at the demon
the demon poofs into a black smoke because it's allergic to smh
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