Patricia told me that she would SMH if I leaked a picture of her loose ass pussy to the school so I did and I almost died o I said shut up you should of been another cumstain and that’s on google 🚫cappuccino
by Afghanistan Punisher March 30, 2019
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bestfriend: i got back with my ex 😬
me: smh 🤦🏽 ♀️
via giphy
by cunt x July 01, 2020
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It’s original meaning of SMH is Shaking my head but it’s new meaning is scratching my head
My friend volunteered me to go to the movies and my response after thing about it was scratching my head
by Jiaya105 August 10, 2019
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Smh stands for "shake my head". It regularly means 'omg that is so messed up' in a quicker way.
Freeda: Omg did you know Hailey cheated on Gage?!
Raven:Really? That is so messed up. faster way Really, smh.
by watermelonkisses July 10, 2019
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Smh is a term that can used to abbreviate the word "something" or used as an ending to a conversation. If you end a conversation with it, it stands for "suck my hoes".
"Have you seen that new movie?"
"No, it looks smh like Star Wars,"

"That hat looks shit on you,"
"I don't care, s.m.h!"
by halp!man January 11, 2021
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