the ironic form of smart; dumb
That was real smert to light your hand on fire.
by Colin.LA March 15, 2006
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cooler verison of smart, what you call someone that is beyond smart but not yet a genuis
I very smert.
by THECARLMAN May 16, 2018
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aww poor brent didnt know what it meant.. its a different form of smrat or as you would say smart
When your boyfriend thinks he's smart but he really isn't
by Damix_55 March 5, 2005
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when you really dont wanna do something but you have to.
your mum wants you to come to dinner and has already invited your boyfriend. you dont want to go bout kinda have to.
by c0ldAussie March 3, 2005
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When you do something average that benefits you greatly at the expense of institutionalized dumbness.
Those guys: We prevented those guys from innovating around our patents by scheduling a meeting and jerking them off.

Us (later) : smert
by Bag of doughnuts June 4, 2019
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Hiding an obvious erection from the peoples around you.
Cody was "smerting" away in the corner.
by OmegaZim October 27, 2010
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Flirting between co-workers, who would otherwise not meet were they not both on a smoke break.
Lisa: "How do they know eachother, he's like a general manager..."
Fiona: "I know, but they're both smokers and started smerting like back in October."
by mo-yo December 23, 2006
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