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smart way of saying "smart"

used to describe something that really isn't smart at all, but it is used the same way as the word smart
i so smat
by coopBoi April 3, 2019
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stands for Sauce Me A Text

The act of sending a text to a chum, bro, or bitch
That bitch smat last night, and I was too pissed to give a shit!
by Glenn Roderick January 31, 2011
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The sound made when slapped in the face with a trout. (Commonly used in IRC in the 1990s.)
John: "So, I heard your mom was a whore."
Kelly: "Oh?"

Kelly picks up a fish.
by Svenigan December 29, 2010
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a hat that covers only part of the head. Also know as a semi hat.
May Meredith you look quite fetching in that smat .
by Smelly kb February 2, 2009
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adj: 1. Conniving with insincere actions geared towards higher economic or social status.
2. Socially paracitic.
3. One who purports to give up their own beliefs for personal gain.
Don't be so smat.
That art gallery is a smathouse.
by B Doyle August 13, 2006
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hot, sexy, well put-together; usually used to refer to a person's general appearance
by chica January 12, 2005
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