The action of sucking your frind as you are butt fucked by your dad
by Baadaa April 01, 2019
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1. A word replacing any word you please.
2. A word to replace any part of a word you please.
3. Smart, with a typo. Therefore, stupid.
4. A sound like "splat"
1: I smat myself last night.
2: I'm smatastic!
3: You're being so smat, man.
4: There was a SMAT! And it broke.
by Brit and Syd October 10, 2007
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stands for Sauce Me A Text

The act of sending a text to a chum, bro, or bitch
That bitch smat last night, and I was too pissed to give a shit!
by Glenn Roderick January 31, 2011
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Adjective used to describe someone of marked intelligence who lives in the North East United States.
Me and my buddy Mike took a history test on the Boston Tea Party. I got a 75% and he got a 93%. He's wicked smat.
by Jordan February 23, 2005
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Slang for semen. Usually during premature ejaculation.
Girl: "Me and Ted where tit fucking last night. We were gonna do some anal later but be came to early. There was Smat everywhere."
Girl 2: "ohh that's bad, did you kick him out?"
by Paul The Mason April 13, 2009
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