short for saucer pass, created by hockey players but it's now used by people when they want someone to pass them something
"hey ryan, sauce me a coke"
by SkyeBlu88 September 23, 2015
To pass your bro a specified object
Hey bro, sauce me that beer
by King pipe June 22, 2017
To hand, throw, toss or launch an object from one person to another.
Example 1:
Guy 1: "Ayy buhl, sauce me that Juul when your done taking hits."
Guy 2: "Ard bet bro."
by drrakarr25 May 4, 2018
When you want something from a homie, so you ask them to 'sauce me bro. AKA asking them to 'sauce me bro.
Homosapien of the male gender 1: *Has drink in hand*

Homosapien of the male gender 2: Yo 'sauce me bro.
the act of giving answers.

I sauce answers
You sauce answers
He/She/it sauces answers

Saucemedemanswersology: the study of saucing answers
Brian: did you take the test yet?
John: yes
Brian: ok
(One minute later)
Brian: Hey John?
John: yeah?
by Papa Danku February 27, 2017
Sauce in the sport of basketball is when someone has good handles or moves. Often the saucer breaks the ankles of his defender. Saying sauce me daddy is like asking for the ball handler to try to score on you and try to break your ankles or simply to try and sauce you. Sauce me daddy could be similar to "try me" or "come at me bro" and does not necessarily have to only be regarding basketball. SMD can also be used to express excitement. If somehing cool happens or you hear good news you can holler out this term. This term can be a substitute for "this amazing". This definition was inspired from the song "shutdown" when rapper Drake said "trust me daddy".
As kyrie took the ball down the court Brandon Knight told him, "sauce me daddy." Then kyrie broke Brandon's ankles, got to the hoop, and dunked the ball.

Jimbo did you hear we are having breakfast burritos?

No way! Sauce me daddy!
by Liljaquizzivert August 1, 2017