a noun.

type of a car. also known as a "body trap" (if you are over 200 pounds, your body will be trapped in it)

also known as a "death trap" (if you get into an accident, chances are you will end up dead).

see also "suicide car"
"hey, I got me a smart car."
"yes but you are still dumb"
by dontdothattwice May 19, 2009
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1. A better alternative to the "punch buggy"/"slug bug" game. Instead of yelling "punch buggy"/"slug bug" when a Volkswagen bug is seen, you yell "smart car!" and proceed to kick the nearest person in the nuts, even if you are driving or the nearest person to you is driving. If the person who is to be kicked is a girl, a kick in the ovaries works just as well.

2. A phrase shouted when an awkward silence needs to be broken.
1.Jon: "Hey, isn't that one of those new fuel-efficient...

Maddy:"SMART CAR!!!" *kicks Jon in nuts*

Jon: *writhing in pain* Aaaahhhhh!!! I should have said it first!

2. *Awkward silence*...
Kenny: Smart Car!
by nukums6 March 31, 2009
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A small cheap-as-bread sub-sub-sub compact car, which, if painted red with a yellow roof, would look surprisingly similar to a Fisher Price toy coup car. It is silly looking, and pisses me and others off when it is in a 5 inch parking spot next to a driveway in the middle of NYC preventing other, real cars from parking. It is extremely unsafe, despite its pathetic excuse for a roll cage. In fact, this car is so unsafe, you would probably die just hitting the curb. Buy a Honda, or VW instead.
Smart Car owner: I just bought a smart car, its soo cute and fuel efficient

SUV owner: Yeah, I just bought a hummer, and I never check my blind spot.

*explosion occurs, as smart car disintegrates*
by MK the Political Scientist March 15, 2010
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A great car little car that not only is extremely fuel efficient, but is also fun to drive.
I bought a Smart Car, and I spend so little money on gas it's amazing.
That other person who defined Smart Car is just bitter because he pays about 100$ at the pump for his overkill SUV or pickup truck.
by Lorekel September 10, 2005
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a tiny eco-friendly car , usualy really cute.
Toni: Hey look at my smart car.
Kara: Hippie.
by karaaaaaaaaa December 9, 2009
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this car is a small vehicle wich no one wants to drive in also known as the dumb car since it was made only to fit 2 people, even though the car is going green its going rong for people
example:"hey bryan whats with the smart car"
"ohh i thought i would go green but i thought i could fit my hole family in the car when i bout it on the internet"

"way to go cow plower"
by mr.smarterass April 2, 2009
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Smart Car (n.) The dumbest idea any auto maker has ever had, even worse than the Reliant Robin. It is one of the most ugly, least safe, and generally most annoying cars in the world. The people who drive them are among the most annoying human beings as well.
Jim: Hey is that a Smart Car?

Me: Yes! Quick, flip him off!

Jim: Oh, okay. Why?

Me: I have a policy...
by Yar! A pirate! October 27, 2010
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