smack is:
a) heroin
b) to slap a bitch in a rude way
c) the noodles (smack ramen)
d) vagina, you dip shit
a) dude i need to stop using the smack.
b) i smacked that bitch.
c) i ate all your smack
d) i fucked her and she had a tight ass smack.
by b790790d March 25, 2005
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disrespectful comments made toward or about someone

all through the interview, all he did was talk smack about A-Rod...not cool!

"don't lay any of your smack on ME, flip!"
by ColdOne November 14, 2005
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Slang for Herion, originates from the sound of the herion user prepping veins for injection.
Merdeith is smacking her arm to prep for the injection of smack.
by Antonio Xias Georgé September 15, 2018
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Money. One (1) dollar. Can be coin, bills or a combination of both.
I just dropped 50 smacks on some new headphones.
by umbepo September 26, 2005
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What did my nutsack say to your face?...What?...Smack!...You have just been fucktarded!
by Skyler Deer Bitch! August 14, 2004
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1. To kiss.
2. To chew gum LOUDLY.
3. To lick your lips after eating something sweet.
1. I love it when he smacks my lips.
2. She sits at her desk smacking her gum and bored outta her mind.
3. She tastes lip-smacking good.
by mamalonglegs December 14, 2011
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