Doing cocaine off Sam McDermott’s body
George: I need some stronger shit innit
Luke: yeah let’s do some smack that’ll kick things in
by SmackHandler6969 August 18, 2019
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3-year-old Patrick gave his cousin 10-year-old Michael a smackon the cheek,for protecting him and his teddy bear from the monster under his bed.
by JMC70 May 18, 2017
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Dom: yo Ej , Naomi came over last night .

Ej: did you smack ?
Dom : yea I smacked all night
by Dom93 April 10, 2017
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A pet name for a really hot female friend
Hey Smack, I'm going to pick up lunch, would you like anything?
by jacku October 30, 2008
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To converse between one or more people about an individual or group of another. Negative gossip.
"Aw hell naw, did you 'ear that nasty bitch yackin' smack with those bitches that ain't even got her back. Daym disgraceful hoes."

by Ladgenta December 02, 2008
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The term is used by a very specific community of photographers, mainly in New York City. It is used as a verb and means to take pictures in certain locations that you aren’t necessarily supposed to be and getting away with it.
Shootah: We just smacked that construction site. I got some great flickies!
Other Shootah: Facts bruv! We caught that security guard LACKIN'!!
Shootah: Word G
via giphy
by the real og shootah October 10, 2019
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