E pill that hitts hard
"ey bluhd do you know where i can get some smackers?"
by ashkina June 21, 2007
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males who like to get the attention from the opposite gender by smacking the girls BEE-HIND!!!
boy that boy is one of the damn smackers!!!
by hellokittypal May 30, 2007
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When one has consumed large nay enormous amounts of alcoholic beverages resulting in attempts to perform inhuman feats and make cheeky advances, such as 1: Attempting to convince your mates that you can climb the disco walls using only your penis. 2: Wrapping your lips around a tap and trying to suck out "all the water the UK has to offer" or 3: Cupping/kneading the left breast of a complete stranger claiming "It's totally fine it wasn't saggy".
"Oii you fuckin cunt! Did you just take a cheeky yet firm hold of my left milk dispenser? You MUST be Smackered!"


"Seriously, last night was sick, how finished were you? I was absolutely invoiced."
"Mate, tell me about it, i fucked a tramp's dog, he was watching. Yep i was Smackered.com"
by DanEdd June 19, 2006
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The amount of honey that Whinne the Pooh eats, everytime he puts his hand in the honey pot.
"Mmm delicous, just a smakeral of honey."
by AliceIn Wonderland September 22, 2003
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An old east coast term for dollars, usually enough to smack someone in the face with and they wouldn't care
"The ransom asked was 'a Hundred Thousand Smackers!"
-Billy Halop in Angels With Dirty Faces (1938)
by SkullsAndDice March 15, 2011
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Slang or Street Name for MDMA (Ectasy).
The pill or pills is so potent its like a smacker hits you.
by oaktown_finest October 23, 2006
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