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a slowball call refers to one's cue stick gently hitting the cue ball for a slowly moving shot. used in delicate situations. also, a slowbALL call may be made whenever deemed necessary
what should i do?...slowbALL!!!!!
by evan July 13, 2004
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snorting a mixture of crushed oxycontin (time release coating peeled off) and cocaine

for the time being, slowballing is the closest i'll allow myself to get to speedballing (mixing heroine and cocaine).
by Richard M May 12, 2006
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Slowball is basically somebody who throws a slow snowball at you but it cant make it all the way to you
by _Odin_ March 19, 2015
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A car that is a baller car but drives very slow. Mainly due to weak engine or having several years on the neck.
That Slowball is a beauty to drive and see.
by Franke_EST June 30, 2017
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