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a verb describing the way a bite of tofu travels through the mouth--a sliding motion created by saliva, gravity, and low viscosity.
"Oh man, that big bite of tofu just slorked through my mouth."
by slorkerml123 December 12, 2008
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Slut+Whore+Skank = SLORK

The girl who all the ladies hate , but men love. She wears them short ass skirts and them low ass shirts. Greasy hooker, often cheap, usually can be found on the corner of main street picking up pennies. She may have an unforgetable odor of salmon and or cod fish. Or an unfogiving amount of incurable STDs. You may see her with fat bulging from her incredably tight clothes. You will never see her with any other slorks cause they tend to travel alone. She can never catch any decent men. Her standards are set to solid 2s and maybe even 3s.

If you see a slork casualy turn around and walk in the other direction and please call 1 800 puke in my mouth
1) "Do you smell that " "Smells like fish ... " "OH GOD ITS A SLORK"

2) "Where did all my pennies go?" "OMG that slork took em!"
by Annabelle+Nicoli August 21, 2010
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The ultimate level reached by an individual that has become one with the Clout.
Wow, that guy has maxed out on the Clout scale. He is so Slork.
by cloutlife May 17, 2018
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A slovenly, stupid person; a drooler. Derived from Scottish Gaelic sliopach: blubber-lipped
The guy is a walking pig - a real slork.
by Kodiakmac March 04, 2015
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to pound back in prodigious amounts.


pig out.
man... you really slorked down that burger/beer/etc...
by rjm139 November 18, 2010
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The term "slork" is an acronym for Submarine Line Of RocKs. A slork is a (usually straight) line, or group of lines in parallel, commonly made with rocks on the seabed in a shallow water swimming area. A slork is your ad hoc swimming track in a lagoon. It may be built manually by the swimming folk in a local area or community.
A group of teens are building a 100-yard, 4-track slork in south MalΓ© and local surfers are pitching in.
by yellowfintuna February 06, 2008
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1) the combination of the three words slut,whore, and skank
2) when someone has done such slutty whoreish and skankish acts that the use of a single one of those words does not completely encompass their dispicable acts
3) someone who may have done just a few unspeakable sexual acts at this time but in the near future will a total slork

related words: skank whore slut
"Did you here about all the nasty things that girl you used to know on the swim team has been doing?"

me-"no I haven't heard anything since i've graduated"

them "well she's slept with like everybody in her grade, she's such slork now"
by Madel April 12, 2010
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