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Slut+Whore+Skank = SLORK

The girl who all the ladies hate , but men love. She wears them short ass skirts and them low ass shirts. Greasy hooker, often cheap, usually can be found on the corner of main street picking up pennies. She may have an unforgetable odor of salmon and or cod fish. Or an unfogiving amount of incurable STDs. You may see her with fat bulging from her incredably tight clothes. You will never see her with any other slorks cause they tend to travel alone. She can never catch any decent men. Her standards are set to solid 2s and maybe even 3s.

If you see a slork casualy turn around and walk in the other direction and please call 1 800 puke in my mouth
1) "Do you smell that " "Smells like fish ... " "OH GOD ITS A SLORK"

2) "Where did all my pennies go?" "OMG that slork took em!"
by Annabelle+Nicoli August 21, 2010
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