When a person goes shopping with one person, then goes shopping immediately after with a third person but has no interest in buying or looking at anything because they were all shopped out from the first trip.
Stephen went shopping with his nasty ex girlfriend for five hours, and his friend Shane got his sloppy shopping seconds for about 45 minutes before he quit.
by Chika March 30, 2010
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When a man makes a woman reach her climax but does not climax himself, so he continues to have sex with someone else.
Mike's girlfriend couldn't make him cum so he asked the priest if he wanted Sloppy Floppy Seconds.
by SouthPark&Juggalo April 5, 2005
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Sloppy Seconds is the act of cumming into a girl or guy’s mouth from oral sex and than having said person continue to suck until one is hard again
Charlotte is such a hungry fuckin cum slut, go to her if you want sloppy seconds, she does a real messy job!
by Nickk116 March 8, 2019
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Whenever a male is dating or marries a female who has already given birth to at least one child which was fathered by a different male, or has been through a divorce.
"I don't want anyone else's sloppy seconds!"
by protectmeaura August 23, 2019
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To have intercourse with someone and there is previous semen or vaginal fluids on the person’s privates
Boy, i love being sloppy seconds in order to get me a rich boy.
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