Putting effort into giving head doing all the extra sucking licking spitting and use your hands. Really give it to them do your best to make them cum male or female. Gag on him and suck on her lips and clit until she take it. Give them really good, very wet head. Make sure they drip when you pull your mouth away.
I gave my man some sloppy top for his birthday. I gagged on him and sucked him up so good. He went to sleep after.
by Dirtydefffs July 15, 2019
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a state of being where one is entirely inebriated beyond comprehension, memory loss is common in this state
Yo, for road rally Chris was so sloppy he kissed Tom and it wasn't even a challenge!
by Infamous Zeus salt n pepa hair November 22, 2010
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adj. The state of intoxication slightly beyond tipsy. This can best be achieved by consuming 4 - 7 alcoholic drinks in an hour.
Person 1: Dude, are you good to drive tonight, you've been drinking pretty hard.
Person 2: It's cool man. I'm sloppy, but I'll definitely make it home.
by gabulldogs123 May 29, 2008
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Someone, usually a girl, who gets so drunk and can't hold their alcohol. Usually ends up with drunk tweets and facebook statuses.
Yo, did you see that chick's facebook status from last night?

Yeah man, she so sloppy!
by sloppypoppy August 7, 2011
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Carrying on in a matter that seems unfit for the general public.
Banging a 50 year-old doggy style on a brick wall outside the reception hall is Sloppy.
by Sloppy1234 April 3, 2015
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A sloppy is when a girl jacks you off and when you jizz she keeps going. She gets all your jizz on her hand and creates a glorious sensation called a sloppy. The sloppy is an infamous word that was conceived in late Summer of 04' by Mike, now know as Sloppymike, the creator of the sloppy.
I wanna go to East Longmeadow and see Kate Olson so I can get a sloppy too!
by SloppyMike December 19, 2005
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