Act act of having sex with a gil immediatly after someone else does.
by Big Matt. yep its me January 21, 2003
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When you eat the loose sloppy joes that fell on your plate after eating the sandwich.
Those were some great sloppy joes. Time to eat up the sloppy seconds.
by cambronshinn November 17, 2013
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this is where a person has sex with some one staright away after they have had sex with a different person. so the second person would be getting sloppy seconds.
Bennett "hey boy? i jus shagged ur mum"
Keith "u didnt! ewww that means u jus got my sloppie seconds!"
Bennett "oh no! pozdro 600"
by Tommy Bob Ryan November 2, 2006
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"It's become a common thing in the NHL for guys to fall in love with my sloppy seconds." - Sean Avery
by McRust December 4, 2008
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The act of a man having sex with a woman of loose morals (see slut) immediately after she's had intercourse with another man.
Your mum coming home to your father and giving him sloppy seconds after she's been out with her lover.
by SpudlyMcGudly August 21, 2009
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Sloppy Seconds is what a guy gets if he fucks an asshole shortly after any other guy has plowed and seeded it when he juiced in the fuckee's tube.
Matt doesn't like Sloppy Seconds, so when some of our friends drop by our room, he insists on being the first to juice himself in my asshole!
by USAF Cadet February 1, 2021
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Something you hopefully will never experience, unless your desperate and the person is hot, or your just plain desperate.
Dang did you see who Mike did last night. You mean that girl that I did last night and left in the bed room? Oh man looks like he got Sloppy seconds.
by And3h December 14, 2007
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