An expression used to hype someone up! Telling them to go hunt and get what’s yours.
*yelling at a batter during a baseball game*
Dylan: “Ayyy Let’s go bud, time to eat
by Swaggerboss45 October 23, 2018
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A phrase Carlos&Hayden used in 5th grade know use it everyday on text to eachother they use the term when they try to be funny or want a good joke they oraginaly used it when they went to lunch now use it every day
Carlos:Hey Hayden Hayden:What??
by ITS TIME TO EAT March 16, 2017
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An adage expressing the unpleasantness of being proved wrong. Crow supposedly tastes bitter, like how admitting defeat is also hard to swallow.
He so ferociously defended that point, but now science has proven him wrong. Sorry, Professor. Time to eat crow.
by thewordbuff June 26, 2017
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