Referring to second base, oral action on the breasts. rather than "feeling her up" it is going to the next step.
He tore off my shirt and before I kinew it he was licking me for sloppy seconds
by Millienom September 5, 2007
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1972 album performed by classic rockers Dr. Hook (no longer "and the Medicine Show") and with songs written by Shel Silverstein. Contains such memorable tunes as "Carry Me, Carrie," "Freakin' at the Freaker's Ball," and "Cover of the Rolling Stone."
Kid 1: "Yo put on something chill to listen to, I'm really stoned."
Kid 2: "Alright, I'll grab 'Sloppy Seconds' by Dr. Hook and put it on my dad's record player."
by Sexy Eyes May 13, 2010
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specifically refers to having sex with a woman who has other men's semen in her vagina. (could be a gang bang)
by christie nah March 16, 2006
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To get with a chick right after another guy does. Plain & Simple.
Sean: "Jesus Christ, Why Is Dion So In Love With Elisha, My Sloppy Seconds? WTF?"
by Matt787878 December 3, 2008
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It is when a bloke fucks a girls pussy or ass a short time after a previous bloke has fucked the same girl - with the first bloke shooting his cum inside her pussy or ass. As such, the second bloke is fucking something that is all wet and sloppy - hense 'sloppy seconds'.

It requires the girl not to clean herself after the first fuck, thus for the first blokes cum to still be inside her - acting as lubrication. In both cases, the blokes must fuck her bareback (without a condom) for a sloppy seconds to be experienced.
I myself enjoy a good sloppy seconds. There's nothing better than arranging for a girl to get fucked bareback, so I can be next - so as to shag her sloppy pussy or ass.

I prefer it when I get to watch the first bloke shagging, so as to see him climax - shooting his load inside her, then pulling out, with his cum dripping out! That's when I stick my dick inside her, pushing the first guys cum back into her - the feeling of her all wet, having just been shagged, is fantastic!
by Ecoshite October 24, 2007
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1. Going after a friend's ex
2.Having sex with someone so soon after they had sex with someone else you are using their semen as lubrication.
1"Wow, Brianna and Garrick broke up a year ago but, her best friend Alex is trying to hop on it" "Yeah, well she's into sloppy seconds"
2 "Yo didn't they just have breakup sex""Yeah, I like the feeling of sloppy seconds"
by MEHHHHHHHHHHH11 October 9, 2017
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The pejorative term "sloppy seconds" is used when a man has sexual intercourse with a woman who was previously in a relationship with another man in the same group of acquaintances. It is usually used in a degrading manner for the man that is second to have intercourse with the woman.
- Have you heard? John had sex with Lisa!
- Really? But I had sex with her just a few weeks ago, John's simply getting my sloppy seconds.
by EnglishCasual May 26, 2018
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