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(noun) A girl who's so drunk that she turns into a sloppy hippopotamus, knocking over everyone and everything.
"When Dina walked out the club, she turned into a slopopotamus!" -The Situation, Jersey Shore

"This gay bar is full of slopopotamuses. Who let all of these women in here?" -Uncredited
by Jolifer February 18, 2011
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a slopopotamus wich is and advancement from a sloptart wich is a sloppy ass drunk girl but a slopopotamus is probably the sloppiest girl you can ever find.
your walking out the bar with your and a couple of friends and you see a girl on the sidewalk knees all blody heels broken on one shoe and hair a mess. your friend john says damn this girl is fuuuuuuuuuuucked up and your friend mark says yea shes a slopopotamus the sloppiest of sloptarts.
by ass assasin February 21, 2011
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Someone who is very sloppy or messy
"Ryan is so drunk right now"
"I know, what a slopopotamus!"
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by Nikkix92 December 05, 2017
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