A very liberal Theatre/Communications/film school on Boston Common where the biggest trends are cigarettes and homosexuality. Emerson has produced some of the most influential people in the entertainment industry. I mean, The Fonz went there- it is the most chill school of all time
"He's gay, addicted to cigarettes, and has his own T.V. show? He must have gone to Emerson College."
by fuckrepublicans July 8, 2005
A fairly well known liberal arts college located in the heart of Boston, with specialties in the performing arts, film, journalism, and communications. Overall, a pretty kick ass place, especially since Jay Leno and the Fonz are alum. Students are artsy.
Yeah, that Emerson College student may be gay or artsy, but he will totally be in a movie later.
by lexie2304 July 27, 2010
An institution of higher learning that features a shitty cafeteria, hands-off proffesors, and more homosexual girls and boys per square inch than previously thought possible by this definition writer.
Steve: You suck! I fucked your mom!
Dan: You know what, Steve?
Steve: What?
Dan: You belong at Emerson College.
by x February 22, 2005
A Boston communications college which specializes in performing arts, film, and journalism. "Gay or a smoker by the time you graduate or your money back". Huge "Hipster" scene, full of film, theatre and music snobs/intellectuals. It is usually where all the acting and musical theatre Tisch rejects end up going instead.
"Uh! That crazy musical theatre psycho bitch just put her clove out on my new Brighteyes tee-shirt!"
"Oh don't worry about her. She's just still bitter about being rejected from Tisch and being forced to perform with sub-par Emerson College acting majors."
"What a bitch. Come on, let's go dye our hair."
"Sounds deck."
by AnArtichokeQueen December 14, 2005
A very liberal college in which students are too politically correct that they had to internet bully a student with different political beliefs. Its POWER community is one of the most cancerous SJW groups in New England.
I used to go to Emerson College but I'm tired of these liberal snowflakes losing their shits after they don't feel 'included.' It's funny how 90% of them are rich U.S. kids who faced no difficulty in their life. I mean, international students don't give a fuck with what they say, do they?
by ananonymousasian May 8, 2018