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1) adj. To be extremely intoxicated or in a drunken state.

2) v. To fiercely hit another, normally in the head.
1) I am going to get completely sloshed and slobberknockered tonight at the party.

2) Little bitch started talking trash, so my boy came over and slobberknockered that big-mouthed ass right in the face.
by Abner July 02, 2006
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To be completely, annoyingly, dangerously drunk.
Neal got so slobberknockered after the Badgers beat the Spartans, he doesn't even remember "borrowing" the policeman's horse and riding it home.
by rhino77 February 10, 2010
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When a drunk-ass person gets to a point in which they are almost blacked-out and stumbling all over the place
Aw man, we broke three shot glasses and two 40's last night. shit, we were totally slobberknockered.
by Β‘Sunshine! March 15, 2011
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