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Often said on IRC, this is short for "salaam", or hello.

People from Malaysia, Indonesia, Turkey, etc like to say this.
<malaysian_guy> slm
<you> slm
<malaysian_guy> a/s/l?
<you> Sorry, i dont speak Malaysian.
by Tadou January 06, 2005
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SLMS stands for Severe Little Man Syndrome. The more advanced and intense version of LMS (little man syndrome), and two levels higher than MLMS (minor little man syndrome). Commonly found in short folk who wish they were taller, had larger biceps, and a higher vertical. Can be expressed by pushing out the shoulders and tilting the head to show anger when being cornered or under attack. Tends to pick on people all of the time because they are mad that they are short. Beware of people with SLMS; it is a very serious and rare condition found in a few people nowadays.
josh: holy shit, did you see Brian going ape shit today on those toddlers! i think he was just mad that they were taller than him

chad: don't worry, that's just the SLMS coming out of him
by farkas#9 April 13, 2009
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Slow and lonely masturbation, commonly taking place in bedrooms, bathrooms, dorm rooms, and locker rooms and resulting in a distinct smell.
Nate conducted in SLM shortly after talking to a girl for the first time in months... The locker room was never the same again.
by Ze Coggernaut February 18, 2011
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SLM is an abbreviation for the phrase "Stop Likin' Man". It is from the well known Bahamian videos on youtube by the user TyCollage.

You can use the phrase "Stop Likin Man" in a number of ways, such as if someone copies you, if someone copies other people just to fit it, if someone harasses you, etc

Some girls have changed it to "Stop Likin Woman"
Guy 1 - Yeah bey, I got them new Jordans
Guy 2 - Yeah dawg, they sexy, I bought them too
Guy 3 - Yah know... I had them from last week
Guy 4 - You have Jordan shoes, you have Jordan shoes and you have Jordan shoes, I guess I will get Jordan shoes as well
Guys 1, 2, & 3 - SLM! (STOP LIKIN MAN)!

Guy A - *sucking teeth* man bro, all these dudes from downtown keep copyin my swagg tho
Guy B - You know? Errytime I do somethin, next week after they see me, they do it to
Guy A - iight, imma braid my nose hairs and watch them *braids nose hairs*

-Next Week-
Guy A - Ya know bruh, een nun of these dudes copy me yet!
Guy B - wow dawg, that surprises me
{Guy walks in with nose hair braided}

Girl 1 - I just made out with Jeff last week
Girl 2 - I made out with him yesterday
Girl 3 - You made out with him AND you did I guess I will as well
by G_Unit_717 March 29, 2011
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Slow Lopey Mexican - A illegal Mexican who drives their car very slow and overly cautious in order not attract the attention of the police.
I would have been here ten minutes ago if I did not get behind an SLM.
by Randy Smith October 06, 2003
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