Mix between Slut and Bitch; Person who bitches all the time and teases like a slut; aka Claudia Montiero
Person: Yo, Claudia just was a pure bitch just right now

Person talked to: Dude, what a Slitch!
by Brendan1234543 October 22, 2011
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A small-framed, generally aesthetically unimpressive female who typically has little to offer in terms of charisma; essentially the opposite of a hauss.
Andrew: "Yo Zach, should I ask out Cheryll? I feel like she's kinda cute."

Zach: "Jesus Christ, Andrew. You've got better things to spend your money on than that slitch."

Cheryll: "Hey, Hart, I heard Zach called me a slitch, what the hell does that mean?"

Hart: "--Sorry what? I wasn't listening to you."
by MadeThatBitchFRAMEOUS July 13, 2016
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Slut/bitch used to describe a girl who is easily used for a males entertainment and is incapable of saying no to him.
Person: He said he had a slitch?
Person 2: Yeah, she can't get away from him
by One true slitch April 20, 2017
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