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Self-aggrandizing is the process of claiming past accomplishments or attributes about one's self that promote one's self. Typically, these claims stretch the truth or may even be outright lies.
Someone with delusions of grandeur would make self-aggrandizing claims.
When Nick tells girls he's in the Mafia, he's simply self-aggrandizing to impress them.
by Nehmo January 19, 2012
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noun. A general derogatory appellation for an adult female. This is current women’s prison slang used in Kansas, Missouri, and probably elsewhere. Slitch is a portmanteau (blend of two words; I don’t really like using "portmanteau", but I didn’t want anyone to suspect I didn’t know it, so I had to use it; “Blend” is simpler) of the two words slut and bitch.

A slitch can be a snitch and visa-versa, but the two words are different.

As with many derogatory words, the term slitch can also be used contrarily in a familiar fashion, as in “I love you, my little slitch”.
That heartless slitch doesn't care about anyone but herself.
by Nehmo November 12, 2011
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\ˈnüt, ˈnyüt\ noun. A communication to a spouse requesting an open marriage.
She wrote her husband a newt before she began her affair.
by Nehmo February 16, 2012
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