You're one real slitch
by Eddy April 26, 2004
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n. (archaic) a combinate form of the words "slide" and "pitch" to denote a sideways motion with an accompanying rotational "roll" and/or "yaw" variance.
Ex: "The kitchen took a slitch." (from "The Wizard of Oz" movie)
by JeffHL February 14, 2007
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This word appears in one of the songs in the movie "The Wizard of Oz" which describes how the cyclone dropped Dorothy's house onto the Wicked Witch of the East and killed her. It appears to denote some kind of unusual physical movement. An excerpt from the lyrics follows.
"The house began to pitch
The kitchen took a slitch
It landed on the wicked witch
in the middle of a ditch
was not a healthy sitch-uation
for the wicked witch."
by Rick Rosen November 23, 2004
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To sustain a serious yet insidious injury. The victim is unaware until informed by others.
The Wizard of Oz refers to "the kitchen took a slitch" which means the whole house was lifted off the ground and thrown right back to the ground after traveling some distance, (whether a real or imagined distance), by a tornado, and the extent of the damage is not really appreciated until the munchkins sing about it. "The kitchen took a slitch". During the movie, we assumed that the kitchen, in Dorothy's house was just fine, even though it had sustained the damage caused by a tornado. After all, we are American Movie Fans, and we leave our logical brains at the door. Most of us never even heard the reference to "slitch" nor, if we did hear and understand that word, nor did we ever suscribe this element of insidiousness to it, if we did understand what "slitch" meant.
by Chris Broe November 17, 2007
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1 - The combination of the words "slutty" and "bitch".
2 - A punk band based in Canada
1 - Look at the slitches in the bar.
2 - Did you pickup Slitch's new CD?
by Anonymous February 6, 2003
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n. 1) to sustain a serious injury or to be damaged beyond repair; 2) a toolkit for experimental low-level networking in Common Lisp; 3) an indigenous animal of Orion VII, threatened by transplanted Earth species which value its habitat andgrotesque appearance; 4) the title of a short movie, directed by Diane Bellino, with soundtrack by Continental OP; 5) an experimental electronics, experimental goth band, produced by Dark Realm Multimedia; 6) a technological cul-de-sac, currently in under-development mode; 7) a punk rock management company, based in Melbourne, Australia; 8) a condition brought on by lack of sufficient listening skill development
1) "The kitchen took a slitch." (Wizard of Oz);
by bizdata May 3, 2005
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A combination of the words slut and witch.

Meaning someone who can be a bit slutty and who uses her sexual appeal via flirting and teasing to cast a spell over others, be-witching them with her charms.

A group of slitches is known as a coven.
That slitch has really got me under her spell.

How can a man resist that slitch when she is so sexy and teases him to much.

I'm feeling slitchy tonight = I'm feeling naughty/horny/flirty tonight.
by Daisy Clio December 10, 2007
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