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When a man's cock accidently slips out of whatever he's fucking. Can happen if he misjudges his stroke, if his partner is too loose or wet, if his cock is short, or if he is unfamiliar with a position (usually doggy-style).
That girl was wide open, man. Way too much slippage, and right when I was 'bout to bust. (Note: Generally not a word used in normal conversation. 'Slip' would be the most commonly used variant.)
by FuzzyLawliet November 19, 2008
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the act or result of too much lube on a sexual partner.
I was bangin her out but the lube caused some slippage and i fell and broke my hip.
by Jesse March 03, 2005
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when skin slips of a corpse. just slides right off. just think, it's going on right now, down the street. slippage
a body is lying there and all of a sudden some of the shoulder just slides off. slippage!
by Ivan August 02, 2004
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When a woman is on her period and her poopy is all slippery and runny and messy. No effort to move the bowels is required, the poop just "slips" out.
Sorry I couldn't hang around. This damn slippage is keepin' me on the poop tank all day
by Alpha-Bumble January 05, 2005
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