The act of a female or male going to a party with intentions of having sex with as many partners as possible.
Male: "I slided in the party yesterday i was on every shawty within a six mile radius"
by cookiee so recless February 13, 2015
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To pull up on someone (some people) in order to press an issue/fight/shoot.
Aye ain’t them the dudes that was talking shit the other night? let’s slide on em real quick.
by 21svg March 11, 2019
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To drop by or show up somewhere; to come through
I hear you're throwing another banger tonight, looks like Imma have to slide.

Party at my house at 9, you and you're crew should slide.
by Maria Pulgarin December 19, 2015
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Donny went to slide in when Jessica was at the party
by Dodocream December 31, 2018
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Open air shoes similar to flip-flops; slides, however, have one "hoop" that the foot is slid under to keep the shoes in place.
I couldn't find my flip-flops to wear to the pool; instead I grabbed a pair of slides. They were looser, anyway.
by newagelink June 18, 2005
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To visit and engage in sexual intercourse, departing soon afterwards.
*text, phone call (do not voicemail-that's annoying), or email (2000s kinky edition.)*
George: I'm trying to slide.
Maria: Come on over.
*hangout.. fuck.. leave*
George: Goodbye Maria.
Maria: Goodbye George.
by Glouponya June 23, 2017
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Kinda like flip flops, but more commonly with socks underneath (which doesn't look too good, but are more comfortable than bare feet.)
If your gonna wear slides, remember that they look better without socks, even if it is less comfortable.
by I KAN SPEL May 5, 2022
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