To pull up on someone (some people) in order to press an issue/fight/shoot.
Aye ain’t them the dudes that was talking shit the other night? let’s slide on em real quick.
by 21svg March 10, 2019
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Guy: Hey girl, let's slide
Girl: Okay. Let's go to your place
They fuck.

In Cam'rons "Hey Ma,"
Cam'ron: Hey ma,
Girl: Wassup
Him: Let's slide
Girl: Alright
Chorus: Alright- and we gon get it on tonight
by Omniscient Bitch May 24, 2017
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a girl that you can just get up in and leave.basically,a ho
boy1:im bout 2 get on that
boy2;nah boss thats my slide
by luvrrgrl7 May 18, 2009
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To go to an event. Originated at Berkeley High School in California.
Verb form
P1: You finna slide to Charlotte's party tonight?
P2: Yeah dude, I've got like no homework
by Silty Clay Loam September 16, 2016
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JP and T-Riz were playing slide in JP's car, when the door opened and JP awkwardly zipped up his pants and T-Riz buttoned her shirt.

"I asked JP if he wanted to play slide with me, but he said no."
by JustAnotherChris:D May 9, 2010
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Girl 1:awww u cut ur hair

Girl 2: yea i wanted to try sumthin new

Girl 1: its cute but i would never get that style

Me: im mad she tryed to slide you

Girl 2: i kno right......stupid bitch hahahahaha
by flycat08 October 21, 2008
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