Articles of clothing that inhibit or prohibit whoring.
Let us roll up our sleves and get to this whoring!
by The Banana July 02, 2004
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The casino king as well as your god, A master of texas hold'em and the creator of your universe and everything you are and own.
Previous non-believer - "Can you believe that Sleve McDichael was our true god all this time?"

Graham - "Yes"
by Hikiko November 21, 2019
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Guy named Sleve who works at giant
Hey you know Giant Sleve, that’s keasy brotha.
by BarlowBSR April 06, 2020
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Sleve is a gay furry who is semi-popular on the app iFunny. He is a smol deer femboy that likes deers wayyyyyy too much
by xSuicideScreams March 16, 2017
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