Sneaking out in the middle of the night, unbeknownst to your parents, and wondering around. Usually involves walking on train tracks. Also, almost always involves going to the local convenience store to buy food and drinks.
Yo man, you wanna sleepwalk tonight? My parents are going to be passed out drunk so they won't hear me escape out the downstairs window.
by SgtPepper12188 July 4, 2006
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A slut, a person who is constantly looking for sex.
My ex Lauren is a sleepwalker. Shell fuck any guy anytime, shes always looking.
by Big Ray May 16, 2006
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Walking whilst looking at your smartphone.

This is sometimes accompanied by repeated eye flickering, as the offender attempts to navigate themselves poorly without collision.

A side-effect of smartphone addiction.
He sleepwalked right into me.

She was sleepwalking, and unaware of her surroundings.

I'm tired of constantly dodging sleepwalkers.
by Jaytecx August 1, 2022
Something a little kid does. When they get up, they can find themselves having sex with their dog, their sister, their mother... or worse, their gay sex partner!
Ugh... *Awakens*
.. *Blink Blink*

Where am I?

(You hear an "Uhhhhh" from the man under you.)
(Knowing you're a man, you immediately get up and...)

Man you are having sex with: You had to sleepwalk and sleepsex. Keep going!
by ’jl December 13, 2007
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The most epic break-up song ever performed by a gay musician. Uses the element pf being stuck in a 'dream' (memory) of what seems to be a past relationship. Performed by Adam Lambert, a.k.a. Adam Glambert. Ends verses with 'Let me out of this dream'.
Tamara: Hey, Brittany, what's up with Danielle?

Brittany: Oh, she's just rocking out to the epic relationship anthem Sleepwalker (song).

Tamara: Okay...
by Loving Adam Lambert December 29, 2010
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