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A slut, a person who is constantly looking for sex.
My ex Lauren is a sleepwalker. Shell fuck any guy anytime, shes always looking.
by Big Ray May 16, 2006
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A restless tenant of an apartment-complex or campground who has "intimately befriended" two separate similarly-desirable fellow-residents of the opposite gender, and thus he cannot decide which person he prefers to share a pillow with, obliging him to sleepily stroll back and forth between the two willing cuddlers’ domiciles several times per night.
Horny stud: I went half-crazy trotting back and forth between Tiffany’s and Ashley’s rooms till well past midnight, what with my both craving the other gal’s company whenever I was in one chick’s bed, and feeling heartbrokenly guilty of temporary "abandonment" each time I’d tearfully leave one gal’s bed to slip over to the other’s. Finally a simple solution to my sleep-walker dilemma occurred to me --- I just drowsily sling-snuggled both half-asleep cuties to my own apartment and invited them to crawl into bed on either side of me; that way, not only did I get to enjoy both of their sweet close-clasping warmth and softness at once, but they both got multiple turns of alternately spooning me and nuzzling their cheeks against my fuzzy chest, depending on which side I’d progressively roll over on every half-hour.
by QuacksO July 15, 2018
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