The age range which includes older adolescent and younger teenage .
Natalie Portman rocked as a tweenage star , in the film : " The Professional " !
by raylickthemageofkayrith April 12, 2006
Used to describe (usually in relation to consumption and marketing) a person who has entered the "in between" years before adolescence (see teenager); children between the ages of 10 and 12. These children display common traits, interests, and developing psychologies separate from those in younger, and older age brackets. Commonly abbreviated to "tween". See related words: pre-teen, young adult
These clothing products are specifically marketed to tweenagers.
by olivia November 13, 2003
the girls of a pre-teen variety (probably 10-12 or so) that dress like little whores because they like pop tarts like britney/avril/etc.

pre-this fashion statement, they were referred to as tweens because they were between childhood and teenager. teeny boppers was the old school term for said kids--at that time into elvis and bobby sox.
Annoying tweenagers get in my way at the mall.
by grr November 11, 2003
a word that should not exist for these reasons
1. Its degrading to be judged on your age and nothing more.
2. You were all 10-13 once and no-one slapped an annoying label
on you.
3. It pisses of 10-13 year olds with intelligence
4. This is just common sense: If you're 13 or over, you're a teenager, if you're not you're a preteen
by The voice in your head December 12, 2006
age between 10 and 13.. ya think u are cool, but ya arent.
Those tweenagers wanna hang with us, but they suck balls.
by sally November 11, 2003
People who are usually stereotyped into: Tipeing lik dis, rather than typing like how I am right now, while I do admit that I do type poorly, it’s not because I’m a wannabe teenager, and teenagers need to learn not all tweens are bad, sure some of us are really addicted to Tik Tok, but not all of us are bad.
Teenager1:See that person?
Teenager1:How old do you think she is
Teenager2:Probobly a stupid tweenager
by SingleMan50 January 20, 2022
a slapper aged between 7 and 11
little jada is a tweenager, britney spears has corrupted her mind
by Brother Number One November 12, 2003