The lead guitarist for guns n' roses from 1986 to 1996. He was the only British member of the main lineup, from the town of Stockton-on-Trent. He is one of, if not THE, greatest guitarists of all time. His riffs blend blues and metal very well, and he has a great stage presence, though Axl Rose often overshadowed it. Since leaving gnr, his bands have been Snakepit and Velvet Revolver, which also features gnr bassist Duff McKagan and gnr replacement drummer Matt Sorum. His likes are top hats, his afro, jack daniels, and cigarettes. He is a really cool guy, and is one of the few members of gnr to have a relatively minor criminal record. His only bad moment was his AMA award acceptance speach, for which he strolled on stage holding a bottle of jack. In his words: "I'd like to thank our fucking manager for fucking getting us here..."
by king of canada August 31, 2006
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Half-man, half-beast with long curly black hair hiding most of his face. He usually wears a top hat, maybe to honor some foreign tribal cult. That strange creature played guitar for the human zoo Guns N' Roses, as well as Slash's Snakepit (of which the name transcribes well the zoo side of the band), and is now a part of Velvet Revolver. He used to inject some (commonly-)brown thing (called heroin) into his veins, using it as the door for another world - unfortunately no one can stay forever in that parallel world. He sometimes "accidentally" mixed the brown thing with other things (like cocaine), provoking the bloodthirsty attacks of small monsters.
"And last, but definitely not least. In a world that he did not create, but he'd go through it as if it was his own makin'. Half-man, half-beast, I'm not sure what it is, but whatever it is, it's weird and it's pissed-off, and it calls himself Slash." - Axl Rose to introduce Slash (1988).
by Lea Page April 13, 2011
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To Urinate, To take a piss.
Australian Surf Culture.
I'm busting for a slash! I'm gonna take a slash!
by Zed October 05, 2004
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A word representing the actual punctuation mark (/). Used to indicated multiple meanings or references. Used only by hip teenagers.
I like pizza slash pasta after a long day at work.

Her hair is red slash black.

He was angry slash upset when I dumped him.
by Jessica MacFarlane (McFiz) November 07, 2006
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to pull fist into mid torso, like a chicken wing, and strike a person or an animal.
Monzelle kicked his dog like a coward spit at his favorite plant like a whorticulturist and slashed his poor unsuspecting as she baked the violent sleepwalking child his go to cake.
by provider44 January 16, 2010
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All-knowing, all-playing guitar rock god. Sexiest man ever. Ex-Guns n Roses lead guitarist, ex-Slashs Snakepit guitarist and current lead guitarist for Velvet Revolver
Oh god... that guitar solo is Slash worthy
by Blurgh May 03, 2005
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Usually in fanfiction, a pairing that is homosexual, although slash is rarely applied to yuri/lesbian pairings.

The word 'slash' comes from Star Trek fandom. The original slash pairing was Kirk/Spock, which was abbreviated K/S, and then ended up just being called 'slash' after its punctuation mark. After that, other male/male pairings (in Trek, and in other fandoms soon after) also became known as slash.
I'm a big fan of slash, but I don't really like slash of real people.
by Chiisuchi March 25, 2006
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