To go for a slash to urinate
"I'll just be going for a slash, 'wight"
by Billy-Bob McSanchez April 06, 2005
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In fan communities, the pairing of two male characters as sexual partners (feminine equivalent: femmeslash). The term does not refer to male characters who are homosexual and involved with another male character in canon.
Slash refers to any non-canon male/male pairing. Its most popular subgroup, yaoi, refers specifically to such pairings in anime and manga fandom.
Inexplicably popular, especially on the Internet, especially among teenage girls.
"Ohmigod, I just found, like, the best slash fanfic ever! Harry/Draco AND Sirius/Remus!"
by Charon May 21, 2003
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1.) To discharge urine, to piss
2.) The alias of Saul Hudson, lead guitarist for Velvet Revolver and formerly of Guns N' Roses.
1.) Be right back, gonna take a slash in the bushes.
2.) Naturally Slash plays a Les Paul.
by the bg August 20, 2004
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the best guitar player of all times!! who said another thing is a really motherfucker because slash is the rock and fucking roll!! the idiot of aprox 3 comments before don't know what is he saying he is angry because he can't play like slash does!! because nothing can slash is the only one!! soy fuck you stupid
oooo SEXYYYYY uuuuu is my drug slash is the hotest man in the planet and the best guitar player ever
by SlashGNR July 05, 2006
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Saul Hudson aka Slash is best known for being the former lead guitar player in guns 'n roses. Later after leaving Guns' he played in "Slash' snakepit", which produced a rather uninteresting album. He now plays in Velvet Revolver, who have also yet to release something interesting. Besides these bands, he played many sessions for other bands and people. He's written some of the most successful riffs and memorable solos in rock history during the Guns 'n Roses days.

Slash relies on the Pentatonic scales for many of his solos. As such, it would be very easy to write him off as a one trick pony, but that's not the whole story. Along with the pentatonic minor in blues box positions, he also sometimes uses the Aeolian and Dorian modes, the Mixolydian scale and pentatonic major scale. Slash often plays pedal-steel bends and uses the pentatonic major scale to create leads that have a country sound. You can hear this in Paradise City and Coma. Look no further than Sweet Child Of Mine to hear Slash's use of the Harmonic Minor scale. Slash is a great playing great melodies over a song's chord changes, especially during ballads. If you think about it, a good portion of Guns N' Roses' most successful tunes were ballads and Slash's playing was a huge part of their success (dinosaurrockguitar).

Also, he's the last true "guitar god" that will influence entire generations of players who care about lead playing. The badass "i don't give a fuck" attitude along with the swagger and heavy, ballsy blues-rock playing is an important part of his image. Infamous for loads of sex, drugs and rock 'n roll. He took that from the 70's from guys like Jimmy Page and brought it to the spandex-filled, pretty-boy shredder era.

Made the Les Paul famous again in an era of super Strats and Floyd-Roses. Has a very reconizable sound. Nasty, buzzy and mean. He uses Marshall Slash Signature Model half-stacks exclusively. These amps are based on the Marshall Jubilee Anniversary series, a high gain Marshall that most tone freaks despise.

Slash' technique was already far surpassed in the glory days of GnR. But he wasn't about technique, it was all balls. In the end, that's been proven to be far more important then being able of putting out 64 notes in one second. Name one technique-driven shredder who made more interesting stuff then Slash did.
Slash, the only one who was able to impress me as much as Jimmy Page did.
by Dick September 01, 2006
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The sexiest guitar player known to man...He's just an incredibly gorgeuos, incredibly talented sex muffin!!! He's one of the only good REAL HARD ROCK AND FUCKIN ROLL guitar players out there now!! Long live Slash!!!
Slash is sexy...Not to mention an amazing guitar player (which is WAYY more important than how sexy he is, by the way!!!)
by The Frisk February 10, 2005
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