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an imcompatent person. A real Hozer. See {hozer}. A person that needs an ass whoopin'. Can also be said as slappy.
by Big Smoke Dogg November 24, 2003
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A term used by Jeff Jarrett in wCw to insult the fans. (Based off other definition of Slapnut)
"Listen up all you slapnuts, I am the chosen one."
by ZJP April 22, 2003
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a person who does not know how to do anything at all.
the slapnut couldn't pour piss out of a boot with instructions on the heel.
by JOE December 22, 2003
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A subordinate person, usu. inferior; a working class stiff; one who must work hard and hastily.
"Yo, slap nuts, take out the garbage when you're finished washing the dishes."
by Anonymous August 15, 2003
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Insult to be used in place of 'idiot', mostly for repeated offense of same idiotic behavior.
Yo slapnut....stop being such an assclown!
by Gregg March 08, 2005
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An idiot who deserves to be kicked in the man marbles and slapped across the face for being such an ignorant fool.
Hey Slapnuts!

Jimmy you are such a Slapnuts!
by John McNally April 23, 2008
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