1. (v) an imperative statement given by an individual to another to wipe the butt of said individual; usually regarded as an insult.
Person A: Hey, want to engage in covert sexual intercourse?
Person B: Wipe me!
by LayingInADitch March 7, 2016
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I am clean and on all the time. Fresh. Fly. Tight
Wipe Me Down because I am on.
by Kayla Ones September 18, 2006
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wipe me down implies that one is “clean,” “fresh,” or otherwise “fly". I mean wipe me down can be like turn me up for me/my attitude/my apparence to be "fly".

Its kinda the "brush ur shoulders off" when you feel lit or whatever.
Océane: Look at the cool people in this bitch
You: Bitch let's wipe eachother down to be the coolest, hoe.
Océane : okay *your name* WIPE ME DOWN
by Callmewhateveryouwantfrrr April 12, 2021
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"Man, that six hour hike is really going to wipe me out."
by Giddyupgal November 19, 2013
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to suck a man or boys dick or prick
That hoe I was wit last night wipe me down gud.
by princess jojo January 4, 2008
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to give a guy a handjob by licking your hands and "wiping" him down
I asked my girl to wipe me down last night and it was messy.
by kdkajks December 22, 2007
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