when a man inserts his penis in the eye of a deceased person or a person with no eye.
He was skull-fucking miss thompson good last nite.
by -JK- October 16, 2006
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The act of forcibly, gouging out someone's eye balls, preferably with a plastic spoon, then forcing your dick deep into the vacant eye socket allowing for ample cum to coat the brain.
by cromagnin October 29, 2011
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to bang someone, usually female, in their eyes, ears, nose, or even through no pre defined orifice. usually used as an exaggerated threat
im gonna gouge out your eyes and skull fuck you!
by The Mutilator September 2, 2004
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A Skull Fuck can be two things:

When you grab some chick and shove your dick in her mouth when she doesn't go down far enough, then thats a skull fuck.

Old meaning: Back when people got their heads chopped off, people would fuck their exposed necks. This doesn't happen much nowadays (although this might happen at a GWAR concert).
1. "Fuck it...*Shove* Skull Fuck bitch, you asked for it!"

2. "He's sure dead now, heh. Hand me the head, will ya?"
by Kill Life February 17, 2007
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Unlike the older, more common instances of thrusting a penis either into a mouth, or an eye socket, the modern skull fuck can be performed by either sex, on any victim, usually male. The Skull fucker will mount the skull fuckee (the victim) with pants still on, and fuck the shit out of their skull. Face, back of the head, it does not matter. This can be done in numerous ways such as, while someone is passed out, while wrestling, or while an individual is sitting. Often the skullfucker receives a round of applause, while the skull fuckee is laughed at.
John got shit faced drunk, so Waldo wandered over to the couch, and proceeded to skull fuck him, for everyone elses enjoyment.
by Waldo06 May 29, 2008
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this is to fuck someone through their eye sockets...it is often used as a threat
Can also be conjugated to make 'skull-fucked', 'skull-fuking', 'skull-fucker'
-"Piss off or I'll skull-fuck you to death you sheep-fucker".
by poopsie hamsterchunks November 29, 2003
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A term used to describe the method of doing manual labor by totally disregarding any thought process. Doing something the hardest way possible, with no help of mechanization. yet requires no intellectual thought. Task duration always exceeds all other methods, yet completion is always reached. Overall quality of task is also at a minimum.
Hand me that shovel, leaning up to the fully operational backhoe, so we can skull-fuck this massive hole and get it dug.
by Faceboss November 21, 2014
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