by josh September 17, 2003
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The only band you will ever see where you can remember the shows by the stains on your jacket
Buddy: Dude see this? This yellow stain is brains from the last time I saw Gwar!
Me: Oderous came in my eye!
by Husker Dave November 14, 2006
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A sweet ass band created by their Master to wipe his ass after he took a sunday morning turd and spawned the universe.
by Colonel Ames November 5, 2003
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God What an Awful Racket! Shock rock band, known for their punk metal hybrid style of music, cartoonish costumes, and over the top live shows.
"Man, my favorite shirt was ruined last night at the GWAR show, it's pink now from all the fake blood spashing out into the crowd!"
by ratsinthewall January 29, 2003
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Bob:Have you heard of that band from outer space?
Jay:GWAR? No cause they suck.
Bob kills Jay and sprays him with various bodily fluids.
by GWARfan January 13, 2008
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The most awesome 1337 pwnage band ever made!!!! Everyone that says GWAR is stupid or "just a shock-rock band" is a fucking idiot who doesnt get the point. Who could hate a band with songs like "meat sandwich", "penguin attack", and "fucking an animal"? Oh, and dont forget fishfuck!!FFS people, have a sense of humor!!
OMG GWAR is so 1337!!
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