A group of upperclassmen at yale who take part in selling their souls to satan to get into the upper echleons of society. When two bonesmen face each other whoever has more family ties with satan usually wins. EX. Bush/Kerry 2004, Because George Bush's dad was a bonesmen satan had the electoral college vote in his favor. The skull and bones hazing ceromonies include new members masturbating, getting pissed on, and telling secrets you would never tell anyone else.
The skull and bones are a society bent on a suttle domination of the world and have an ultimate goal of one world currency that is electronic and recoginzed by a marking on the right hand or forehead of an individual.
by K2Tanner September 19, 2007
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Despite its wrongfully obtained, and illgotten reputation encompassed by outsiders of this organization, the Secret Order of the Skull and Bones, is nothing more than an elite collegiate social organization that taps only the most promising and favorable students, and promotes both social and academic excellence among its members.
The Order of the Skull and Bones is the greatest organization at Yale, with many successful and prominent former and current members
by preppyguy21 August 16, 2004
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Group of Rich lizardry fucks who dwelled from Yale University to take part in the Richest Scheme of world Slavery. Bush, Kerry are both members, and will not speak publically about their membership.
Skull and bones assholes are takin over the place! ahh!
by Ryan Domis May 21, 2004
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A controversial fraternity/secret society at Yale University whose membership has included both Presidents Bush, Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry, and God knows who else.
Maybe I'm 1337 enuff to get to join Skull & Bones.
by LudwigVan December 19, 2003
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SOmething the kids of rich people do when they get into Yale. Only requirement is a salary of $34234324324324324324 a year. I hear they have butlers and free food.
"Winston, more caviar you slow lib!"
by Tony Ramone July 1, 2005
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When you get head and sex from someone who wants to keep their sex life secret from public life.
Suess told me over break he had a skull and bones.
by P. Kaltenbach April 6, 2008
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"The Skull And Bones Boys Club" is a fraternity of musicians and social thinkers based in the North of England UK with a strong DIY ethic.
by sb10111 January 23, 2011
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