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A form of discrimination that is considered racism by some. This form of racism is still acceptable by societies standards and is just as wrong as discrimination against Blacks, Asians, Hispanics, Middle easterners. Unfortunatley not much is done to stop this. Red headed children are harrassed at school and even the work place is hostile for red heads. If anybody has a problem with red hair you can come to my house and we will settle it in my front yard.
Racist bully-Hey carrot top! you running from the sun?
Red haired individual-thats gingerism you fucking racist cunt.
*red haired individual proceeds to kick the the shit out of the racist bully cunt*
by K2Tanner September 19, 2007

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A group of upperclassmen at yale who take part in selling their souls to satan to get into the upper echleons of society. When two bonesmen face each other whoever has more family ties with satan usually wins. EX. Bush/Kerry 2004, Because George Bush's dad was a bonesmen satan had the electoral college vote in his favor. The skull and bones hazing ceromonies include new members masturbating, getting pissed on, and telling secrets you would never tell anyone else.
The skull and bones are a society bent on a suttle domination of the world and have an ultimate goal of one world currency that is electronic and recoginzed by a marking on the right hand or forehead of an individual.
by K2Tanner September 18, 2007

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Correctly spelled Koolaid drinker, this means a politician or politically active person who always thinks their party is correct. As if the republican or democratic party can do no wrong. These people are found at both ends of the political spectrum and are the reason our countrys 2 party system is all f**ked up.
Damn coolaid drinkers protesting for and against the war.
by K2Tanner November 10, 2007

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Something white people drink that has vitamins and shit in it.
Nigga what the fuck is juice? I want some drink
by K2Tanner November 10, 2007

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1. A zit found on ones penis(self explanatory)
2. A good name to call someone.
Dude I shaved my balls and got a dick zit!

You stupid dick zit, fuck you!
by K2Tanner November 25, 2007

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