A bastard, but one whom you cannot help liking.
That man is a right bastard, but there's something irresistible about him. Must be his forthcoming nature. He is definitely a skt.
by QBN January 8, 2008
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The number 1 league of legends team in the world!!
Their best player being the legend himself Faker.
By the time i am writing this they have won worlds 3 times!!!!
guy1: Did you watch the finals??
guy2: Yeah dude SKT T1 crushed them!
guy1: That's why they are number 1.
by SuccGod6969 September 24, 2017
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lil yachty said skt ddg to this irrelevant ass nigga named Pointiacmadeddg so in return he made a disstrack
skt ddg thats always
by svg king September 8, 2017
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SKT SAKIBUR RAHMAN - The man who is the most SKT , He who stands above all , The SKTIEST man alive
by Who More SKT November 23, 2021
The Cheapest Internet Carrier and Faster internet carrier ever

Person 1: KT is better than LG U+
Person 2: SKT is Better and go ahead replace SKT today
by HyebinXXIII March 23, 2021
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It means "shut up"in the Moroccan language and is also used in the case of a person having a lot of gossip or understanding, so you say to him: "Shut up." This word is used in a state of anger, and this word has caused a lot of disagreements and conflicts
Rayane: Did I not tell you what happened to hiba yesterday?

Ali: skt ghat9awd " just shut up"
Which means shut up
Skt t9awd is a bad word
by Elxy November 22, 2021
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