A famous not well-acknowledged Canadian Rapper/Singer use this word as an adjective on Chinese TV show to describe how amazing the thing/person is....
One amazing things/song/person appears
Famous not well-acknowledged Canadian Rapper/Singer: This is very Skr Skr...
by honestopinion123 July 25, 2018
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a Canadian comedian doing a show in china, and use "skr skr" to show his stupidness.
I am Kris Wu, I am so Skr skr.
by Kris WOOO July 31, 2018
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A word misused by chinese rapper kris wu in a tv show called the rap of china as good
The actual meaning is the sound when sport cars tires rub the ground, a lot of rapper uses it in their rap songs
this rapper's flow is just skr
by SKRWU February 18, 2019
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The cutest kid out there. Stands for “sexy kid romanpulls all the females as well as males.
Damn check out skr walkin over there hes lookin mighty fine!
by 123456sk May 27, 2019
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Used in the internet alongside "kkkkkkkk" and "hahaha". You see it mostly in Minecraft when someone dies or just is acting funny. But technically no because it is classified as "insulting". Still usable doe.
me- look at bajunkerpatooie he just died to a common revolver!
dudes1-50- skrskrskrskrskrksrksrks
dude who died- oh no here we go again
by The Neighbour's Kid May 20, 2020
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when you like a boy but he doesn’t know and you have to skr skr before you get hurt hurt
Jenna - do you still like him?
Chloe - yeah but I need to skr skrrr before I get hurt hurt
by sweet’like’kandi.101 October 18, 2019
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