the same pronounce with Chinese"死个"

( This word started to get popularised in China from HUPU after a TV show called the Rap of China ).
by xiao skr ren July 31, 2018
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A word that is currently wide used over Chinese social media, to mock those fan girls/boys who can not make righteous judgement when it comes to her/his idol. The world skr became popular over the internet as the show “the Rap of China”, as one of the mentor Kris Wu intentionally saying this word over and over again, his ability of teaching others to rap was questioned by others - he can barely rap without autotune. However, his fan girls/boys chose to ignore the truth and claim that he was set up by others; they acted as victims to cyber bully those who have questioned kris wu. Therefore, the word skr is used by the internet to mock the fan girls/boys.
A: Why does everyone hate my idol?
B: I don’t know what to say but skr Skr Skr~
by LMAO___ July 30, 2018
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Used by a stupid rapper who is lack of skills, usually used to give compliments to other rappers who are much more talented than him
He is very skr.

He’s a skr rapper.
by Giant Bread August 10, 2018
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A meme widely spread on Chinese social network sites. Originally misused by Canadian Chinese pop star Kris Wu on a TV show "The Rap of China", skr then becomes a ridiculous way of complimenting a person, a song, a rap flow, and etc. But in fact, it makes no sense.
That flow is skr skr...
You are skr
by whenpigflies July 31, 2018
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Very wrongly used by an illiterate person and his irrational fans to describe someone who is talented in rapping.
That rapper is skr!

His flow is skr!

His break between the bars is skr skr!
by Dr_NMSL July 30, 2018
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Expressing ridicule or humorously describing something is going too far (The use of this word get started by a trending celebrity Kris Wu who pretentiously saying and misusing that word in a TV show called the Rap of China in July 2018, and becomes a mockery quickly online).
A: "Today's so hot!"

B: "Skr~"

A: "This song is Skr!"
B: "Absolutely his rap sucks."
by arthuyang2 July 31, 2018
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Skr Wu is an alias of a young and talented Canadian rapper Kris Wu.

In 2018 Rap of China season II, Kris Wu used the word "skr" to describe skillful hip-pop performance on stage. In order to commemorate this innovation to hip-pop culture, people respectfully call him "Skr Wu" or "Mr. Skr Wu", just like the way that people commemorate great scientists by naming their theories using their names.
Skr Wu: You rap is so skr~~~~
by #111 August 12, 2018
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