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what _____
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by The Neighbour's Kid May 28, 2020

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Every single keyboard letter with shift and alt.
me- *is bored*
also me- `1234567890-=qwertyuiop\asdfghjkl;'zxcvbnm,./!@#$%ˆ&*()_+QWERTYUIOP{}|ASDFGHJKL:"ZXCVBNM<>?````¡™£¢∞§¶•ªº–≠œ∑´®†¥¨ˆøπ“‘«åß∂ƒ©˙∆˚¬…æΩ≈ç√∫˜µ≤≥÷
Google- No results found.
by The Neighbour's Kid May 27, 2020

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The one best thing you will ever experience in your life. It's about a 12-yro named Finn and a 28-yro dog named Jake. Jake is a space shifter. They together rescue princesses (there are more here than in Disney) mostly from the Ice King (Simon Petrikov) and Jake has like 7 babies and he's married to a rainbow noodle with a horn named Lady Rainicorn. Finn has a crush on 3 princesses but only gets ultimately close to one named Huntress Wizard. There is so much lore that it is inhuman to fit it all in a user-controlled encyclopedia about shrex and such. I highly recommend it as it is my favourite show of all time and always will be. And there is nothing in my life that ever made me happier than hearing that there will be more seasons. It has the best catchphrase too: What time is it? Adventure Time!"
Yo Jim did u see the last episode of Adventure Time yesterday?
Yeah I cried.
Me too. But did u know there will be more episodes? It's not over!
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by The Neighbour's Kid May 28, 2020

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why u do that
friend- *unplugs smash bros when about to lose*
me- (¬˙∆˙¬)
me- 👺
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by The Neighbour's Kid May 29, 2020

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The thing that one fish guy says in memes.
Me- Let's play Super Smash Bros!
Lag- helo
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by The Neighbour's Kid May 27, 2020

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A penguin but taller, stronger and has more girls. He's also rich and steals your pocket money every day on your way to Artic College™. He works for the best companies that give him first-class flights to wherever he needs to be just by asking.

His name is usually Brendon or Darryl, Charles or Freck. He has a Scottish accent but says the notorious "g'day mate" from Australia for some reason. He's really buff and has multiple world records of fastest runner, strongest penguin and the face of Antartica. His mom gives him the privilege to scream in his mic without a problem when playing Fortnite and stream-sniping Ninja. So basically, the penguin everyone wants to be.
Happy Feet penguin- oh no here comes Brendon!
Brendon- wheres the money jerk nut?
Happy Feet penguin- in my ass mother******!
Brendon- oh yeah? *puts his hand in his ass*
Brendon- haha I found it. later nerd!
Happy Feet penguin- what a jerk pinguino.
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by The Neighbour's Kid May 24, 2020

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