A term used by rappers to illustrate the sound of a expensive, sports-car's tires skidding on pavement. This term can be used for someone leaving in a hurry or describing how fast their car goes (to display wealth).
"Bro, imma skirt-skirt outta here before her Mom get's home."
by bennyblue_ January 4, 2017
1. to leave a place
2. to run/ move quickly
"dawg, this party is weak. i'm fitting to skirt."

"did the cops come?"
"yeah, i had to skirt, i'm on probabtion man."
by Your Boy Stoops October 10, 2007
To leave a place, usually in a hurry.
I gotta skirt, skirt outta here
by bouncin November 2, 2013
A simple garment worn by females that is easily removed.
"Bob pulled down her skirt with one hand"
by Jim Segal April 24, 2003
A traditionally feminine garment. It's a simple tube worn from the waist down that can either be tight-fitting or loose and draped. The length is usually anywhere from mid-thigh to floor-length. Is part of a dress, which is a bodice with the skirt attached. Skirts and dresses are ususally worn for formal occasions today.

Tight skirts can be uncomfortable or difficult to move in, and wide skirts can lead to embarrassing situations if it's windy day and especially if the fabric is too lightweight.

Mini-skirts can be troublesome, since they might expose the underwear and not provide proper coverage for the buttocks and groin.

Still, skirts do provide more freedom from the often uncomfortable confinements of trousers and provide modesty if a woman must relieve herself outdoors.

Women can also wear leggings underneath skirts for warmth and/or modesty, should they feel the need.
Until the Rennaisance, European men often wore a form of skirt, although it doesn't seem likely that they concidered it a skirt.

Nowadays, there's the Polynesian sarong and the Gaelic kilt for men.

If the Victorians could see the mini-skirt, they'd probably be terrified!
by Lorelili March 4, 2005
I really wanted to ask Sony about the money he owes me but when I saw him at the club he skirted me