A term used by rappers to illustrate the sound of a expensive, sports-car's tires skidding on pavement. This term can be used for someone leaving in a hurry or describing how fast their car goes (to display wealth).
"Bro, imma skirt-skirt outta here before her Mom get's home."
by bennyblue_ January 4, 2017
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skirt skirt is used for eating someone’s ass
dude did you skirt skirt her last night ;) owo
by Jsjajsjs January 7, 2019
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Bawp Bawp Skirt Skirt
Referencing for a drive by shooting, and then the driving away.

The bawp bawp can be replaced for different kinds of gun.
Henchman 1: So, a clean Bawp Bawp Skirt Skirt?

Henchman 2: Naw, gotta be a Pop Pop Skirt Skirt or you will be noticed.
by Ganononom May 27, 2019
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Hit a 3 point contested shot in basketball
Pass the ball here so I can "pull up in that uzzi skirt skirt"
by Kanner McFlipper February 7, 2017
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The act of getting in a car and getting the fuck out if there.
We gotta hit the skirt-skirt.
by Dumbass.whales May 11, 2019
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