The ability to pitch / skip flat stones /rocks across water. It's kind of a game to see how many skips one person can get as compared to someone else skipping rocks.
When you and I were kids we were always skipping rocks on Silver lake, I usually won.
by Entercode May 17, 2014
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Code term for sticking it in the butt.
Guy1: Hey, were y’all skipping rocks back there?
Guy2: Yeah, I stuck it in her butt.
by Mr. Zesty May 18, 2018
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The theory that, any rock, no matter the shape or size, can still skip a considerable distance upon a body of water if spun fast enough. This theory disproves that a rock HAS to be flat in order to skip upon water.

NOTE: This theory was in fact proven through vigorous testing during a boring afternoon near a lake.
Kid: "Hey, that rock is squarish. It wont skip on the lake. You need to find a flat one."

Friend: "No, it should skip. Sean's Fundamental Law of Rock Skipping disproves that myth."

Kid: "It doesn't have to be flat?"

Friend: "Nope"
by Mark5991 November 10, 2009
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Go Skip Rocks- is code for going out and doing drugs. Any drug works but rocks originally means smoking weed, as in getting stoned; hence the rocks.
"Hey man, wanna go Skip Rocks?"
"Sure man, that sounds lit"
by AerotoZero October 25, 2016
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