a guy with a shaved head that listens to punk and ska. repesents the woking class. NOT ALL SKINHEADS ARE RACIST!!!!!! I AM A SKIN AND I HAVE PLENTY OF BLACK, HISPANIC, AND JEWISH FRIENDS!!!!!!
the only good skinheads are the SHARP ones
by skin April 22, 2005
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Skin Heads have not nor never have linked themselves to racism, the media do that for them! To me growing up in small mining comunity in northern england in the late 60's early 70's being a skinhead had nowt nothing to do with being trendy or fashionable or violent or looking cool it was all about the music...reggae and ska!....and feeling like we all belonged together like a brotherhood...PLEASE WATCH THE MOVIE ''THIS IS ENGLAND!'' ALL WILL COME CLEAR.
What it realy means to be a SKIN HEAD,
by BORIS ATTERBY August 10, 2007
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For someone to claim himself or herself
a skinhead is simply a claim to dedication to the cream of the working class
crop. However, it takes a certain breed of character, not just any joe on
the job, to make what is pridefully known as a skinhead. Skinhead is not
about colour, race, religion, national origin, or anything of the sort,unless you a bonehead or nazi. It is a brotherhood of individuals who share the same passions in what we call
being a skinhead.
Traditonal Skinhead(Trojan or TradSkin)
-R.A.S.H.(Red.And.Anarchist.Skin.Heads.)-S.H.A.R.P.(Skin.Head.Against.Racisl.Prejudice)-Nazi(Some nazis are just political!)

by Conrad The Trad February 03, 2004
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A working class youth in London during the coventry scene in London.

Originally a person who stressed unity.

Responsible for the culmination of Punk and Ska in the late 70's.(Punk a "white" music and Ska a "black" music. The icon of the new genre being a black and white checker board pattern to show racial unity).


A bunch of ill informed trendy racists.
1) Did you see the Skinheads at The English Beat show? Boy can those fellas dance all silly like!

2) The African American youth was beaten to death by a racist Skinhead because of his skin color.
by AMONEY August 11, 2004
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A fashihion look that begun in 1969. in England, describing the look of the working class.

Short hair is easy to wash, jeans are firm, don't rip easily and wash up easily, boots with caps keep feet safe. Later, laces come in with skins coming to football games (different colour of the laces showed which club they supported).

In the '70. , the look and movement was hijacked by Brittish Nationalist Front, so today we have youth who harvested some sick ideas (nazi and white supremacy ideas).

Today there are more "kinds" of skins: the traditional (working-class), the boneheads (nazi & WP), S.H.A.R.P.s (anti-nazi league), gay skinhead scene...

In it's soul, skinhead movement started as a non-political fashion style of working class youth in England who listened to ska & reagge (later punk & oi!) and drove scooters.
"From the East coast
to the West coast:
gotta gotta gotta go!
Unated we stand,
Devided we fall!:
gotta gotta gotta go!"

A.F. song
by Gogs September 05, 2003
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working class, mostly shaved heads, wear steeltoes, braces(suspenders dumbass), tight jeans, overcoats. go out for a pint whenever opporotunity presents itself. neo-nazis are bound to get the shit kicked out of themselves by true/traditional skinheads. S.H.A.R.P.s are rad neo-nazi beaters. nothing wrong with skinheads unless they are neo-nazis or GASH. fuck racists.
skinhead jake:"'ey! want to go fetch a pint?"

skinhead tyler:"right after I clean the nazi blood offa me steeltoes!"
by D.A.R.F. April 14, 2006
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Skinheads! Oi! Oi! Skinheads are people who are usually (or at least should be) part of the working class. Their ideals are simple- working class values and respect for those who share the same beliefs. Skinheads ARE NOT Nazis. Sadly, white supremacist idiots have fucked up the scene though, and think they're the shit because they have shaved heads, talk shit to real skins and S.H.A.R.P. skins, beat up on gays and bums and jump blacks and other minorities in big groups or wear a pair of suspenders/braces or a pair of oxblood Grinders. However, most skinheads ARE NOT racist. The Nazi/white supremacist skins have been called "boneheads" to the rest of the skinhead scene because of the unremovable stain they have cast on a proud group of working class kids. Skinheads are of every race, and originally, most skins were black. Skins are of every religion. In retrospect, skinheads are just working class kids who like all kinds of music (generally ska, reggae, all kinds of punk, oi, and some metal), who just want to unite.
Nazis are gay, real skinheads aren't racist
by SkinheadOi April 15, 2009
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