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A white power band hailing from Britain led by the late Ian Stuart. Considered the single most popular nazi skinhead punk band to have ever existed.
Where can i get that Skrewdriver record?
by Mike December 04, 2003
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Skrewdriver were a white-power band from the u.k. fronted by the late and great Ian Stuart. he also led the "blood and honour" group, and was a great inspiration to everyone in the movement. Skrewdriver were best known for one of their most ground breaking songs "white power". was and always will be a legendary band.
"fight for your country, fight for your race, fight for your nation" - skrewdriver
by Greg January 18, 2005
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A British oi! band founded in the city of Blackpool in the year !977. Headed by Ian Stuart Donaldson (rip), the band emerged as having blue collar, working class ethics and very soon, aligned themselves with The Nationalist movement in Britain.
Donanldson, considered by many to father this movement, was killed in a suspected assassination plot in 1993. His legacy lives on in the hearts and minds of more people than you think.
Skrewdriver is a better band than you think.

Don't be scared to listen to a Skrewdriver album, you'll probably like it.
by hafez assad April 07, 2006
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white power Oi! band from europe. Most people are afraid to listen to them or call their music hateful and make fun of people who like them, yet their music is written by gangbangers and about rape, drugs, or violence; when skrewdriver is only white power.
Idiot wannabe banger: What bands do you like?

Me: Skrewdriver, cockney rejects, acab, combat 18, condemned 84

Idiot wannabe banger: WHAT NAZI!

Me: relax... plus you listen to dr. dre talk about killing white people in riots...

Idiot wannabe banger: NAZI NAZI NAZI!!!1
by traditional skinhead November 09, 2009
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An awesome band with shitty, horrible ideologies, such as nazism, white power, and national socialism. Although they play street rock n' roll, a black man's music, they are white power. and although skinheads where inspired and mostly made up of when formed, black people, they still hated them. They are still one of my favorite bands to listen to, as they sound like a perfect combonation of the templars and the who. Although they gave many skins a bad name, most still own the whole discograghy, white black or mexican, myself included; They're such great music.
White-power skin- Skrewdriver is the ultimate white power band!

Me- Other than the fact that rock n' roll is a black man's music, and skinheadism traditionally is opposed to any form of political racism. Otherwise that's about right.

AB member: I'm a skinhead, but I only lke deathmetal and country.

Me- jesus christ, Skrewdriver would be an upgrade for you, learn your roots, you fake bonehead motherfucker.
by Trojanskin69 August 09, 2010
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